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Service Documentation - HIFIS Software

HIFIS Software operates services that are available to members of the Helmholtz Association and their guests. On these pages we would like to answer and document service-specific questions. This should be a useful addition to the general documentation of the services.


Currently, services marked with a green tick are available for use. Services that are definitely planned to be made available in the future will be added to the list with a grayed icon.


We document user-visible changes and improvements of the services on the Changelog page.

Reproducible Service Administration via Ansible

All services are transparently deployed via so-called public Ansible roles and Helmholtz internal accessible Ansible-managed deployment projects:

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for GitLab and Mattermost

It is highly recommended to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in all offered HIFIS services that support 2FA and in particular for authentication (which is the technical term for logging in into a service) with GitLab and Mattermost. 2FA means that in addition to authenticating with your credentials (username and password) you use a further factor for proof-of-identity. The second factor can be provided by devices like 2FA-mobile-apps or USB-dongles. Please read the following section about how to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in GitLab.

Provided to you as part of HIFIS and Helmholtz Cloud


The services are administered by:

HZDR Logo UFZ Logo

As of today all services presented in this documentation are operated entirely in the HZDR data center. They are administrated by colleagues from the HIFIS Software team at HZDR and UFZ.