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Helmholtz Cloud Service Operation KPI


HIFIS - Helmholtz Digital Services for Science — Collaboration made easy. HIFIS – the Helmholtz Federated IT Services – supports scientific projects with IT resources, services, cloud services, consulting, and expertise from the collection, storage, linking, and analysis of research data to the publication of the results. HIFIS also supports the development of well-designed research software. This includes the Helmholtz Cloud, where members of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres provide selected IT-Services for joint use.


This is to document the calculcation of the Helmholtz Cloud Service Operation KPI (WP 1.4) for Helmholtz Cloud Services by the HIFIS Cloud Cluster Management of HIFIS. For further information, see HIFIS homepage and Original platform proposal for HIFIS, Page 56, about WP 1.4.

Regular Measurement Series and Calculation

Each Helmholtz Cloud Service determines regular measurement series which reflect the current usage. The measured raw values indicate how much the individual service is used. Accordingly, the character of the measurement series depends on the character of the service and varies from service to service.

Interpretation of the KPI

Generally, the KPI represent both individual users (50%) and resource usage (50%) of Helmholtz Cloud services. Positive KPI can be interpreted as increased usage in relation to when the service was added to the Helmholtz Cloud; negative values would indicate decreased usage. Addition of more services (# services) and/or increased number of users per service and/or increased usage of services lead to an increasing KPI.

Therefore, one can interpret the KPI as follows:

  • Overall KPI (third column below) indicate the quantitative development of the Helmholtz Cloud services over time.
  • Overall KPI divided by numbers of services (fourth and fifth column below) indicate the qualitative development of the Helmholtz Cloud Services, i.e., the average user acceptance per service over time.

Published KPI Results

Date Context KPI # services KPI / service Documentation All Sources Detailed Results
2021-12-31 Annual report ‘21 3.39 7 0.48 Link to Doc Link to Sources Link to Results
2022-05-31 SAB ‘22 6.63 7 0.95 Link to Doc Link to Sources Link to Results
2022-06-30 Review report ‘22 12.23 11 1.11 Link to Doc Link to Sources Link to Results
2022-12-31 Annual report ‘22 19.69 15 1.31 Link to Doc Link to Sources Link to Results
2023-12-31 Annual report ‘23 38.34 21 1.67 Link to Doc Link to Sources Link to Results