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Affiliation in Helmholtz AAI

Affiliation information

The affiliation information has well defined values. Only those values are used to transfer information between the different systems. The affiliation values are:

  • member
  • student
  • faculty
  • staff
  • employee
  • alum
  • affiliate
  • library-walk-in

Affiliation in home organisation

The Helmholtz AAI consumes the affiliation in the home organisation of an user from remote identity providers. Since this is not a mandatory information, not all identity providers send the affiliation attribute (eduPersonScopedAffiliation). For those users where the information are available, the information can be requested as voPersonExternalAffiliation attribute.

Affiliation in Helmholtz

The Helmholtz AAI provides information about the affiliation of an user in the Helmholtz Association itself. This information is based on the used remote identity provider and the affiliation information from it. The Helmholtz AAI will only use staff and affiliate values to express the affiliation of the users. This information can be requested as eduPersonScopedAffiliation attribute.


If a user authenticates via a non Helmholtz Centre identity provider, the affiliation is set to affiliate, independent to the role in the home organisation. If the users authenticates, using an identity provider of a Helmholtz Centre and the Centre provides the values staff or employee, the Helmholtz AAI will map them to staff. All other values will be mapped on affiliate.

Sketch of affiliation mapping