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HZDR Gitlab (Helmholtz Gitlab)

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform supporting Development, Security, and Ops teams to collaborate and build software. This GitLab service is running the Open Source version of GitLab. It allows you to:

  • Host code in repositories with Git version control
  • Implement project management with an Issue Tracker, Merge Requests or Issue Boards
  • Use the provided shared runners for built-in Continuous Integration
  • Host your Docker images using the Container Registry
  • Share your documentation or static websites with Pages
  • Share private or public software packages for a variety of common package managers, e.g. Conan (C++) or PyPI (Python).

Gitlab is provided by HZDR.

User Enablement

This GitLab service can be used free-of-charge by anybody within Helmholtz and their partners. Login via the Helmholtz AAI. Your account will automatically be provisioned.

Contact for user support:

Technical Documentation