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Registration of a Virtual Organisation (VO)

We are working on a central place to request a Virtual Organisation (VO) and manage the mandatory information for this. Until this is in place, you have to request the VO via an email and provide the necessary information.

Send an email to Helpdesk, providing the following information to register a new VO:

  • VO name
  • VO description
  • VO manager
  • VO acceptable use policy. Templates can be found here: odt / pdf.
  • VO privacy policy, if needed. Templates can be found here: odt / pdf.

We will get in touch with you, while setting up the VO or if something is missing.


You (as a VO admin) need to be able to authenticate with the assurance of RAF Cappuccino, i.e. you need to identify with your passport at your Identity Provider.


As an administrator of a Virtual Organisation you take a substantial share of responsibilities for a working process. The requirements come from the Services. Many services have requirements on the quality of the user identity assurance and on the general quality of the identity provider.

Depending on the service (in this case those allow shell access or data storage) this often requires the users to have shown a passport at their home-IdP and also require the home-IdP to support certain security procedures.

International Users

In Helmholtz AAI we want to enable users for which those criteria often aren’t met. Therefore, we offer the possibility to add all kinds of users to a VO, but we require the VO admin to guarantee that an appropriate level of identity vetting has taken place.

Further information about Policies

As defined in the top level policy, VO administrators have several tasks to fulfil:

In most cases, a PP is not necessary if the VO is managed at unity and you do not additionally process any personal data.

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