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List of Connected Organisations

The Helmholtz AAI is connected to a huge set of organisations which allows authentication, using the organisational accounts.


The Helmholtz AAI participates in eduGAIN, which offers user authentication with the organisational account across the whole world. The organisation needs to participate in eduGAIN, too. At the moment, more than 4000 organisations participate in eduGAIN.

Helmholtz Centres

The Helmholtz AAI focuses but do not limit to Helmholtz centres. In opposition to other organisations, some further information about the connection to Helmholtz centres are gathered here.

Additionally, it is listed if the centres can be found / filtered by their shortname.

Center IdP present in DFN AAI User(s) shortname provided
AWI yes advanced yes yes
CISPA yes basic yes yes
DESY yes advanced yes yes
DKFZ yes advanced yes yes
DLR yes advanced yes yes
DZNE yes advanced yes yes
FZJ yes advanced yes yes
Head Office yes advanced yes no
GEOMAR yes advanced yes yes
GFZ yes basic yes yes
GSI yes basic yes yes
hereon yes basic yes yes
HMGU yes advanced yes yes
HZB yes advanced yes yes
HZDR yes advanced yes yes
HZI yes advanced yes yes
KIT yes advanced yes yes
MDC yes advanced yes no
UFZ yes advanced yes yes

social identity providers

Beside the organisational accounts the Helmholtz AAI supports some social identity providers (IdPs). Those IdPs can be used by users, whose organisation does not participate in eduGAIN. Accounts, authenticated with social IdPs, may have a lower assurance then organisation based accounts. A lower assurance may lower the set of available services or lower the functionality on services. The available social IdPs ares: * GitHub * Google * ORCID