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DAPHNE4NFDI: Data from Photon and Neutron Experiments


DAPHNE4NFDI (DAta from PHoton and Neutron Experiments for NFDI) is one of 19 consortia receiving funding as part of the German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). The aim of DAPHNE4NFDI is to create a comprehensive infrastructure to process research data from large scale photon and neutron infrastructures according to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

Uniquely, DAPHNE4NFDI engages directly with the user community to develop user-driven data solutions and infrastructure for the wider photon and neutron community. Hence, the DAPHNE4NFDI consortium consists of experts from Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS) and Committee Research with Neutrons (KFN), experts from the different science fields and techniques at universities, research institutes and large-scale facilities, and strongly interacts also with other NFDI consortia.

DAPHNE4NFDI becomes second major HIFIS user among NFDI consortia

A project of this scale needs a reliable infrastructure to ensure communication, data exchange and publishing of the results. Therefore, DAPHNE4NFDI contacted HIFIS and became their second major user among the NFDI consortia after PUNCH4NFDI. At this point, DAPHNE4NFDI makes use of a Virtual Organization (VO) to organize access rights for services like Sync & Share. Events are organized by the consortium using HIFIS Events and communication among project participants was made available via Mattermost. Recently, DAPHNE4NFDI opened up a group in Helmholtz Codebase to collaborate and build software within the different task areas of the project to later make it available to the community.

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For DAPHNE4NFDI: Anton Barty (Speaker), DESY; Lisa Amelung (Project Coordinator), DESY

For HIFIS: HIFIS Support