March 2024

HIFIS Overall

Finalization of Incubator Framework 2.0

During winter, the “Incubator Framework 2.0” will be finalized. Future development plans will be carved out and prepared for presentation to the April’s Helmholtz Assembly of Members. This is a follow-up to the preceding decision from October 2023.

June 2024

Backbone Services

Updating and streamlining the VO registration process

Based on a review of the overall process and policies involved in VO registration, implementation of the process in plony database, and improving interconnection with AAI community proxy (Unity IdM), the VO registration will be streamlined and made more transparent to users.

August 2024

Backbone Services

Automatable querying of group information: SCIM API

A first version of the envisioned SCIM API for querying information on federated groups (user group memberships) by services will be implemented. The basic development was mainly completed in 2023, ongoing works include configuration and extensive testing.

September 2024

HIFIS Overall

HIFIS All Hands Meeting

The annual all-hands meeting will take place in September, visiting our HIFIS team member DLR in Cologne. Further details will be published on the events page. HIFIS stakeholders such as SAB and Federation Board will be invited.

October 2024

Backbone Services

AAI: MFA honoring

An increasing number of IdPs supports MFA for federated login. To improve user experience, i.e. avoiding to bother users with multiple MFA entering, honoring MFA in the login chain is being implemented. Corresponding documentation will be provided and signalling the MFA status will be prepared.

November 2024

Backbone Services

AAI Policy Review

With experiences made during the last 2-3 years (annual housekeeping, user deprovisioning, adoption of new use cases) the AAI policies will be reviewed and potentially updated in close collaboration with all other clusters and AAI participants (e.g. NFDI)