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We as HIFIS provide various services to improve collaboration workflows within and outside of Helmholtz and in particular to support researchers with their computational work. To map out effective long-term strategies for building up new and improving existing services, we are surveying Helmholtz employees about their current workflows and working environments on a yearly basis. We are particularly interested in tools that are currently used and trends towards novel tools that could complement the Helmholtz portfolio. To get an overview about the current status quo, evaluate our work, and to keep up with the ever changing requirements and demands of modern research, the first HIFIS Survey was rolled out in 2019 and will be conducted approximately every year.

A software developer working with version control.

HIFIS Survey Analysis

The focus of our analysis is determined by the main questions of the different work packages and addresses a number of aspects such as "most popular programming languages" or "preferred materials for learning". Based on the results we extend our service repertoire or update our existing services.

HIFIS Survey Results

We publish the results of our analysis to work as transparent as possible and to encourage feedback from the Helmholtz community. You can find the results of previous surveys here:



A software developer working with version control.
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