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Community Use Cases

This is a preliminary list of Community Use Cases of HIFIS Services successfully applied to Researcher's daily work. More will be added soon. Stay tuned!
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HIFIS Transfer Service (updated)

The HIFIS Transfer Service (HTS) has been implemented and is in use. Colleagues from HZDR and DESY were among the first to use HTS for the transfer and sharing of Datasets in the context of HelmholtzAI.

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Helmholtz AAI supports PUNCH4NFDI

The Helmholtz AAI supports PUNCH4NFDI by providing AAI components. This offers a working solution on a strongly connected AAI, which follows already the recommendations and guidelines for participating in the EOSC.

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The Earth and Environment DataHub use nubes

The Earth and Environment DataHub was one of the first project groups to use nubes as a sync+share service of the Helmholtz Cloud. Since then, the number of user groups has been growing steadily.

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HZI-HIFIS collaboration for Coronavirus Surveys

The German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) builds a platform collecting methodologies and results of coronavirus antibody studies. In cooperation with HIFIS and led by scientists at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI), the project “LEOSS.sero-survey” is being implemented.

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Folding@Home and research on SARS-CoV-2

The Helmholtz platform HIFIS, the HZDR and the Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) support the world-wide project Folding@Home in developing an antibody based therapy to prevent a respiratory infection by the virus.

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