Organisational Structure


Helmholtz Federated IT Services (HIFIS) is one of the five overarching platforms in the context of the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Incubator.

11 out of 18 Helmholtz centres are members of HIFIS. See here for an overview on our team.


Internal Structure

Competence Clusters

HIFIS works in three Competence Clusters which are distributed throughout different Helmholtz research centres:

  • Cloud Services: Federated platform for proven first class cloud services. Lead: HZB.
  • Backbone Services: High-performance trusted network infrastructure with unified basic services. Lead: DESY.
  • Software Services: Platform, training and support for high-quality, sustainable software development. Lead: HZDR.

Overview on the three HIFIS competence clusters

ICT Office

All competence clusters are connected through the HIFIS ICT Office. It guarantees the technical and organisational coordination as well as the controlling and reporting for HIFIS. It also defines the interface to comparable external committees, as already existent in e.g. FhG or MPG.


Governance and Supervision

To ensure that HIFIS’s progress and strategy is consistent with the common principles of the Helmholtz Association, Reporting, Governance and an external Scientific Advisory Board are central.

ICT Federation Board

The Assembly of Members of the Helmholtz Association has installed the ICT Federation Board (Steering Board). It is responsible for central decisions in HIFIS. According to the specifications of the directors of the Helmholtz Association the Helmholtz ICT Federation Board establishes the annual plan for HIFIS and reports about the implemented achievements to the Helmholtz Incubator, with the Helmholtz Incubator reporting to the general assembly.

See here for a full list of members of the ICT Federation Board.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Further, the Assembly of Members of the Helmholtz Association has installed the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). A total of 20 renowned international scientists contribute to HIFIS’s progress by their advice as SAB members.

See here for a full list of SAB members.

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