Software Services


The service portfolio of HIFIS Software is structured into 4 different components that seamlessly interoperate with each other: Education & Training, Technology, Consulting and Community Services.

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We build and foster communities to support the necessary cultural change in science when dealing with research software.

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Software Engineering Consulting

We offer free-of-charge consulting in software engineering as a service to research groups under the Helmholtz umbrella.

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Software Development Infrastructure

We provide a sustainable, well integrated and easy to use technology infrastructure for scientific software.

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Research Software Directory

A central software directory tailored to Research Software Engineers and Researchers that want to promote or discover research software.

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HIFIS for Research Software Engineers

Overview of the benefits of HIFIS for Research Software Engineers.

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Software Spotlights

The Helmholtz Software Spotlights represent top success stories of Reseach Software Engineering in Helmholtz.

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Education & Training

We offer courses, materials or workshops to help you in getting started or in boosting your software engineering practice.