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HIFIS Services


HIFIS ensures an excellent information environment for outstanding research in all Helmholtz research fields.


The service portfolio of HIFIS Software is structured into 4 different components that seamlessly interoperate with each other: Education & Training, Technology, Consulting and Community Services.

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We build and foster communities to support the necessary cultural change in science when dealing with research software.

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We offer free-of-charge consulting in software engineering as a service to research groups under the Helmholtz umbrella.

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Helmholtz GitLab / Technology

We provide a sustainable, well integrated and easy to use technology infrastructure for scientific software.

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Education & Training

We offer courses, materials or workshops to help you in getting started or in boosting your software engineering practice.


In the Helmholtz Cloud, members of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres provide selected IT-Services for joint use.

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Helmholtz Cloud

The Helmholtz Cloud offers IT services to all Helmholtz centres and the entire scientific community and partners.

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Cloud Services & Portfolio

More information about Helmholtz Cloud and its portfolio.

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Service Login & Access

Login and access to Helmholtz Cloud services.

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Helmholtz Cloud Service Provider

How to hand in new service to be offered in Helmholtz Cloud.


High-performance trusted network infrastructure with unified basic services.

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Helmholtz AAI

Seamless Access to Cloud Services for Helmholtz & Friends.

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Helmholtz Backbone (VPN)

A trusted Helmholtz network to securely route scientific data transfer between centres.

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HIFIS Transfer Service

An FTS based large data transfer service connecting Helmholtz research.


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We provide guidelines and helping information for the optimal use of online collaboration tools.

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HIFIS Helpdesk

Contact us for queries on HIFIS and Helmholtz Cloud, general questions and also feedback to the website.

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Developer Survey

To build up new and improve existing services, we are interested in your current work flows and working environment.

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We provide tutorials to let you know how to best make use of our services and how to boost your research software engineering practices.