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Software Engineering Consulting


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HIFIS offers free-of-charge consulting as a service to research groups under the Helmholtz umbrella.

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What we offer?

Whether it be about

Testing & automation, and software design
Using software development tools
Publishing your work
Tool & technology recommendations
Code auditing for improvements

we can help you to deal with them.

Be aware that we are a small team that tries to help as many researchers and research groups as possible. Depending on the request type the processing might take a bit longer. We will try to set up an initial meeting as early as possible.

Helpful Resources

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The HIFIS Consulting Team has curated an awesome list of important links, covering a variety of topics related to Research Software Development in the context of Open Science. The list can be found on HIFIS GitHub repo. The list covers a broad range of topics, e.g. educational content on how to implement solid change management or how to improve your coding style. It also contains links to guidelines on how to distribute and use Open Source software or how to get in touch with the research software community.

The main repository serves as an entry point for all awesome lists generated by HIFIS. The following main topics we cover:

The Consultation Process

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1. First Contact

Step one: talk to us! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page — our dedicated team will direct that request to a consultant with knowledge and expertise in the areas related to your project.

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2. Let's Talk!

Our consultant will work with you and your team to help specify the problem, and identify a plan of action that you can take to solve the issue. We work with your research expertise and understanding of the project, and our wealth of software engineering experience to find the best solution for you to be able to maintain throughout your project's lifespan.

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3. Let's Go!

Our consultations don't end after the first meeting — we provide ongoing support to help you with your project. We can provide tool and software recommendations, run training sessions, setup template projects, and much more.

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4. Conclusion

All good things must come to an end, but our aim is to leave you more equipped and prepared at the end of the consultation process, so that you can maintain and support your project for as long as you need to.

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For a more in-depth look at the consulting process, please have a look at our HIFIS Consulting Handbook. It provides information on the process and the corresponding services we use for a successful consultation.

Getting Started

You can request a new consultation by using the link below.

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If anything goes wrong during the process, feel free to email us directly.