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Explore the HIFIS training program for 2024


HIFIS Courses in 2024

In close cooperation with HIDA, the HIFIS course program on Research Software Engineering was prepared for 2024. A year packed with 22 courses awaits many participants from all Helmholtz centers.

For the first time, the organisation and implementation of the courses will be split up in order to make targeted use of the strengths of each platform. HIDA primarily takes care of the organisational aspects and the advertisement, while the HIFIS instructors can focus on the training curriculum.

All scheduled courses can be found in the HIDA course catalog. We will cover a broad range of topics from beginner to advanced. We help you in getting started with various aspects of Python programming, in getting started with research software publication or in getting in touch with Continuous Integration and automation.

If you have ideas and suggestions for courses or would like to run a HIFIS course at your center, please contact us.