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Bachelor Thesis to improve Helmholtz AAI Processes


Screenshot of VO registration form in plony

New Registration Process for Helmholtz AAI User Groups

Digital collaboration is becoming increasingly important in research. This represents research centres with the challenge of finding ways to strengthen the digital collaboration of their researchers. To be able to share digital resources, User Groups are used within the Helmholtz Association as a digital representation of real (research) groups across institutions and disciplines. Prior to usage these groups must be registered in the Helmholtz authentication and authorisation infrastructure (Helmholtz AAI).

Within the Helmholtz AAI, the User Groups are referred to as Virtual Organisations (VOs). This registration of the User Groups is currently not automated and is therefore cumbersome. The aim of the bachelor thesis was the redesign of the VO Registration Process and the implementation of a user surface in the service data base Plony. For this purpose, the process was first modelled as a UML activity diagram and then implemented as a web application in Plony.

The thesis describes the requirements, design, and implementation of the VO Registration Process. The focus is on the creation of the design and the implementation of the backend and frontend. The discussion shows that a new process could be successfully modelled and was used as a basis for the implementation. Thus, a web application with a form for the registration of User Groups was implemented.

To complete the implementation, the next step is to realise the connection to the Helmholtz AAI, among other things, so that the User Groups can also be created there automatically.

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