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November 2023

Dear HIFIS Community and Friends,

Attentive readers might have recognized at first sight: we continued to update the look and feel of our services and pages — a part of this being the new look of our logos in line with the updated Helmholtz visual identity, as you can already see in this newsletter.

On the Helmholtz Cloud portfolio: InfiniteSpace, our Storage Service powered by dCache is gaining momentum among various communities. A prototype implementation is available for the NEST computational neuroscience simulation tool, its use for federated data sharing among the Pelagic Imaging Consortium is currently being investigated, as well as for open data storage. Stay tuned for upcoming use cases.

In late September, the Helmholtz Assembly of members decided to continue the funding for HIFIS and its four sister Incubator Platforms until at least 2029! We are now tasked to further elaborate on the platform’s concepts for the upcoming years.

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, HIFIS got ahead to set up first specific procedures and resources to enhance the resilience of HIFIS core services in case of sudden unavailability of a centre’s IT infrastructure due to cyberattacks, but also other potential mishaps like power outages. When necessary, HIFIS can rapidly activate a duplicate of its core service at an alternative location, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation for users.

Enjoy reading and using our HIFIS services! Remember to spread the word and subscribe our newsletter!

The HIFIS Team


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News from HIFIS
Evolution of software entries of Helmholtz RSD

New Release of Research Software Directory

The Helmholtz Research Software Directory ( has received a major update to version 2 of the RSD. The update includes redesigned overview pages for software, projects and organisations, that are visually more appealing and provide enhanced filtering options.

We are also pleased to announce that the number of software submissions to the RSD has been steadily increasing since its launch in February.

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Software Heritage logo, collect, preserve, share

Preserving Helmholtz Codebase legacy

Our commitment to preserving research software legacy is now embedded in the Software Heritage Archive! All the public repositories of the Helmholtz Codebase are since September automatically and regularly harvested there.

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VISA logo

The VISA collaboration is using HIFIS services

VISA is a platform to facilitate open science, where users can share workspaces in a browser, enabling remote collaboration and data analysis on facility resources from anywhere. VISA is adopted by a growing number of light and neutron source facilities across Europe, organised under the so-called “VISA collaboration”. They are since this summer using HIFIS resources, fostering a seamless partnership across borders.

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many hands joining

HIFIS all-hands meeting: charting the future

The recent all-hands meeting at HZDR united HIFIS members and collaborators, sparking discussions on our future direction. Intense ideation sessions have set the course for the reshaping of HIFIS resources for the next years and ensure a smooth transition into a more mature HIFIS.

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people attending a conference

HIFIS at IT4science days 2023

HIFIS was well-represented at the IT4science days in Berlin last September. Engaging with fellow IT professionals from diverse research centres invigorated us with fresh perspectives and strategies.

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News from the Helmholtz Incubator
Logo of Helmholtz Incubator

Incubator Academy

The Incubator Summer Academy took place in September. This joint event organised by Helmholtz AI, Helmholtz Imaging, HIDA, HMC and HIFIS was held for the second time. The two-week programme offered various course packages in Data Science methods and skills, attracting 225 participants.

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Code for though with Uwe Konrad

Helmholtz Incubator Software Award: helping you wait until the results are in!

Recently featured in a Code for Thought podcast episode, the unprecedented Helmholtz Software Award reveals its goals and significance to the research community to auditors.

As you eagerly await the results of the award, for which we received and accepted more than 40 applications, listening to this podcast will convince you - once more - of the importance of high-quality research software.

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