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October 2022

Dear HIFIS Community and Friends,

The past weeks have been exciting, as the HIFIS platform was evaluated. In addition to presenting the results, figures and user feedback, we developed plans and visions for further development of HIFIS. In the end, HIFIS was certified for its excellent development in all areas and a clear recommendation was made for the further operation and expansion of the platform.

We are offering new services to our rapidly growing number of users, and through close cooperation, new science-related services are emerging! In this newsletter, we can again report on exciting new community use cases.

Enjoy reading and using HIFIS!

The HIFIS Team


Sam's Story, Chapter 2
Community Use Cases
News from HIFIS
News from Education
News from Software Technology
News from Helmholtz Cloud
Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz


Sam being helped by HIFIS consultant Sam's Story, Chapter 2

Do you remember me from the last newsletter? I’m Sam Scientist. When we last met, I was just starting my new research project. I collaborate with some colleagues: One is based at another Helmholtz Centre, and we teamed up with two researchers outside the Helmholtz universe.

I want to make the life of my colleagues easier by providing them with some automated routines for their image processing. But the code is in bad shape…

See how HIFIS Consulting helped me out to get on right track with great results.


Logo CASUS Community Use Cases

AI Research in Health Topics at CASUS: The use of pseudonymised and anonymised patient data in a secure, federated way to better understand, diagnose and treat cancer is the big next step in enhancing the quality of decision making in clinics beyond what current guidelines can offer.

Read more about this use case…



The goal of DAPHNE4NFDI is to create a comprehensive infrastructure to process research data from large scale photon and neutron infrastructures. A project of this scale needs a reliable infrastructure to ensure communication, data exchange and publishing of the results. Therefore, DAPHNE4NFDI became the second major HIFIS user among the NFDI consortia.

Read more about this use case…


We still want your use case: Probably you are already using some of our HIFIS services in your work. Want to tell other communities about it? Great, we highly appreciate it, because as HIFIS, we would like to help you cross-connect with other communities!

Get in contact with us via, stating:

  1. a brief description of your project
  2. information about which HIFIS services you use and to which purpose
  3. contact information (name and mail) to be published alongside the text.

Happy HIFIS using!


HIFIS Evaluation presentations and board News from HIFIS

HIFIS, the Helmholtz-wide platform for federated IT services, underwent a thorough review during August and September 2022, with the major event taking place at the coordinating centre DESY from Sept 29-30. The evaluation committee represents multiple national and international institutions and collaborations.

During two day’s sessions, the progress of HIFIS, as well as the plans for potential future development, have been presented and discussed in detail.

According to the preliminary response by the reviewers, the achieved progress of all three HIFIS clusters has been rated excellent. Multiple of the future plans of further strengthening the HIFIS portfolio have been strongly supported. The enthusiasm of the HIFIS team, spanning practical and efficient cooperation throughout Helmholtz, has been especially acknowledged.

Read more…


News from Education

TEACH 2 - Open Up! On the 9. November 2022 the second installment of the TEACH conference will take place. TEACH stands for Talk about Education Across Communities in Helmholtz and aims to bring together a wide range of educators, education coordinators, HR developers from all across the Helmholtz Association. Participants will be presented with a wide range of talks, workshops, posters and discussions revolving around education offers, practices and networking opportunities. The participation is open to everyone, free of charge. The agenda and further details can be found here.

Upcoming courses: HIFIS will offer courses on the topics of

  • Foundations of Research Software Publication
  • First Steps in Python
  • Introduction to Indico
  • Using Containers in Science

The registrations are usually open two weeks before the start of the workshop. Please regularly check our HIFIS Events page for a full list of workshops, workshop details and registration periods.

Announcement for Summer Academy

Looking back at the Incubator Summer Academy: The five Incubator platforms Helmholtz AI, Helmholtz Imaging, HIDA, HMC and HIFIS have teamed up to create an exciting program at the Incubator Summer Academy. Read more in this post where we take a look back at an intense two-week program.


News from Software Technology

GitLab — Helmholtz Codebase switches its domain: On November 11th, 2022, Helmholtz Codebase will be available under the new domain The previous domain will redirect to this new domain. Nothing else changes for you, except for the need to log in once again.

We decided to reflect the fact that the vast majority of users does not come from the HZDR any longer in the choice of the primary domain name.

Read more…


News from Helmholtz Cloud
Helmholtz Cloud Portal

With 24 services published in the Helmholtz Cloud, the portfolio already covers a large range. The collaboration and infrastructure services allow easy access for Helmholtz employees and their invited partners by using their home credentials. The eminent advantage that no additional password is needed was confirmed by our the review panel as well as our user groups. Starting a project becomes effortless with ready-to-use services like Gitlab, Chat and Sync & Share tools. Browse the services to discover the possibilities and use filter functions to choose.

The service portfolio will soon be complemented by two purely scientific services: webODV (ocean data view by AWI) and Phileas Storage (Aircraft measurement campaign with HALO) were set up by a research community and are tailored to their specific needs.

Do you also want an easy and secure login access for various users to your (scientific) Helmholtz service? Then let’s see if Helmholtz AAI can solve your problem. Contact us at


News from the Helmholtz Incubator
Helmholtz Career Day Poster

Helmholtz Career Day for Data Science and IT 2022

The Career Day by HIDA is a great opportunity to meet data scientists and IT experts. Join the conference program to learn about career paths, and explore applied data science job opportunities. Register here to join the Helmholtz Career Day for Data Science and IT on November 15.

2022 Helmholtz AI Project Call

Being the core of its mission, Helmholtz AI is fostering cross-field creativity by stimulating collaborative research projects in applied machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, the annual Helmholtz AI project call, funded by the Helmholtz Association’s Initiative and Networking Fund (INF), aims to support this goal. Get more information here and join the information event on November 10.


Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz
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