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Using Surveys

Collecting feedback and taking to the clients’ perspective is an essential part of any customer-oriented workflow. Since a consultation might involve asynchronous or dynamic interactions between a consultant and a client, feedback should be collected at the end of any consultation.

HIFIS Post-Consulting Survey

The feedback process is designed as a survey in HIFIS Consulting. The following set of questions are put forward to the client in anonymous disposition:

1. How did you find out about the software consultation services offered by Helmholtz?
    * HIFIS website (e.g. after reading a blog or article there)
    * HIFIS mailing list
    * Advertised on social media (e.g. Twitter)
    * Advertised via an internal service (e.g. GitLab or notice board system)
    * Mentioned in a talk or workshop
    * Mentioned by a colleague
    * Others:

2. Please rate your experience of the following aspects of the consultation (Very Poor to Excellent)
    * Response time
    * Methods of communication (i.e. emails, video calls, face-to-face meetings, etc.)
    * Relevance of support given during the consultation
    * Impact of the consultation on your project or work

3. How likely are you to recommend using these consultation services to others? (Scale of 0 to 10)

4. Please feel free to share your consultation expectations and experiences or any other comments to help us improve our service.

LimeSurvey, a web server-based software, is used to develop and publish the questionnaire. The software is hosted and maintained privately by HIFIS. A URL is forwarded to the clients to fill out the survey. Later, the data is retrieved from the survey administrator for analysis.