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July 2023

Dear HIFIS Community and Friends,

As an increasing challenge, operational cyber security is coming into focus for HIFIS. You will have noticed that Helmholtz centres have been affected by cyber attacks. Together with the Working Group of the IT Heads (KoDa), HIFIS is increasingly coordinating Helmholtz centres’ response to such threats to increase cyber resilience and ensure overall digital sovereignty. More to come during the next months!

For now, we want to present a selection of our latest activites in this newsletter: Helmholtz Cloud has got a facelift! Visit our Cloud Portal to enjoy the new look & feel. Also, we expanded the service portfolio further, as now also large-scale storage is available for research and service pipelines.

The Helmholtz Software Directory is growing fast: There are already over a hundred great software solutions described and linked to their respective development repositories. And there is one new reason to make your research software known in this place: A registration is a prerequisite for participation in the new Helmholtz Incubator Software Award.

You want to know more on the Helmholtz-wide training possibilites for researchers on software engineering, provided by HIFIS and our partners? So, tune in to our podcast on this, and furthermore don’t miss to check out the 2023’s version of the Helmholtz Incubator Academy and TEACH Conference!

Enjoy reading and using our HIFIS services… and of course: Spread the word and subscribe our newsletter ;)

The HIFIS Team


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News from HIFIS
Raven as logo for dCache

Exa-scale storage: Check dCache InfiniteSpace!

dCache InfiniteSpace as the 32th Helmholtz Cloud service expands the service portfolio: Large scale storage is now available as a service to all user groups of Helmholtz and their partners. The service allows to store, process and publish research data with practically no storage limits. It is a perfect match to combine with data processing pipelines (service orchestration) that the HIFIS team is currently setting up in collaboration with research groups.

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Screenshot Cloud landing page

Helmholtz Cloud Design Update

We’re excited to finally show you what has been in the works for the past few months: a completely redesigned landing page for the Helmholtz Cloud Portal along with a design refresh!

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banner with text TEACH 3

Teach 3: Call for Abstracts and Registration are open

The conference TEACH, the Teaching Across Communities at Helmholtz, will take place on 07./08.12.2023 for the third time. The call for abstracts is open till 13.09.2023.

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banner with text Code for Thought

Tune in on “Code for Thought”

Code for Thought is a community podcast for Research, (Open) Science and Engineering. In the latest German episode “Bringt uns Programmieren bei” (teach us programming), the host Peter Schmidt interviews Fredo Erxleben from HIFIS. He talks about his experiences as workshop leader, teaching coding, version control and other important topics to scientists.

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News from the Helmholtz Incubator
Logo of Helmholtz Incubator

Incubator Workshop

With the 13th Incubator Workshop, all platforms (HIFIS, Helmholtz AI, Helmholtz Imaging, HIDA, HMC) continued to exploit their high creative potential to implement far-reaching benefits for the scientific communities. All experts emphasized the enormous value that the Incubator platforms have for the Helmholtz Association. We will continue to explore how the platforms can complement each other even better!

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Screenshot Cloud landing page

Apply for the first Helmholtz Incubator Software Award

The Helmholtz Incubator Software Award aims to promote the development of professional and high-quality research software and to recognize the commitment to software as the basis of modern Data Science.

To apply, you have to register your contribution in the Helmholtz Software Directory!

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banner with text summer academy

Incubator Summer Academy > Next Level Data Science

Save the Date: Our Incubator Summer Academy “Next Level Data Science” will take place on September 18–29, 2023! The Incubator Summer Academy is open to all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the Helmholtz Association. Registration will open mid of August – stay tuned, we will keep you updated on

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Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz
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