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April 2023

Dear HIFIS Community and Friends,

during the last months we have been busy to expand our Helmholtz Cloud portfolio, both qualitatively and quantitatively: An increasing number of dedicated scientific services have recently been onboarded, such as AWI’s Web Ocean Data Viewer, GFZ’s new Research Software Directory or HZB’s SciFlow. Even more are expected to be added in the near future. Overall, we now provide thirty services from nine Helmholtz centres towards the whole Helmholtz Association and collaboration partners.

On top, we strive to design so-called orchestrated service pipelines in close collaboration with scientific user groups. This major further development is showcased with a use case HIFIS set up together with Helmholtz Imaging and is presented in this issue.

A lot more is to be expected from HIFIS: Have a look at the roadmap for 2023!

Enjoy reading and using HIFIS Services!

The HIFIS Team


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Community Use Cases
News from HIFIS
News from Helmholtz Incubator
Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz


Community Use Cases
5 Cloud symbolizing the interacting components in orchestrated cloud based workflow

Orchestrated Cloud Services

Interconnecting cloud services — sometimes dubbed Service Orchestration — allows to automate complex workflows, a precondition to ultimately set up reliable, scalable, reproducible and adaptable data processing pipelines for science. A typical example is to automatically and continuously fetch, move, process, publish and store scientific data, possibly in multiple iterations and for different audiences. We demonstrate our first pilot orchestration of an imaging use case in collaboration with Helmholtz Imaging.

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We still want your use case: Probably you are already using some of our HIFIS services in your work. Want to tell other communities about it? Great, we highly appreciate it, because as HIFIS, we would like to help you cross-connect with other communities!

Get in contact with us via, stating:

  1. a brief description of your project
  2. information about which HIFIS services you use and to which purpose
  3. contact information (name and mail) to be published alongside the text.


News from HIFIS
Screenshot of new Cloud Portal with 5 new services

Five new services at the Helmholtz Cloud

We constantly add new services to the Helmholtz Cloud. During the last months, we broadened our range of scientific services, from the collaborative LaTeX editor Collabtex to Helmholtz RSD, a software catalogue designated to Research Software that is being developed within the Helmholtz Association. With these additions, we reached thirty services, provided by nine Helmholtz centres!

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Screenshot of Research Software Directory

Helmholtz Research Software Directory

After six months of testing, HIFIS finally opened the Helmholtz Research Software Directory (RSD) for all Helmholtz members. It’s a platform to promote your Research Software: After the login via Helmholtz AAI, you can add a description of your research software or project.

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Garland with inscription Everybody can code

Upcoming courses

HIFIS Education will offer courses on the topics of

Those courses will take place at the respective Helmholtz centre and seats are primarily provided for the hosting centre. However, if there are seats left, the registration might open for other Helmholtz centres.

Please check our HIFIS Events page for a full list of workshops, workshop details and registration periods.


News from the Helmholtz Incubator
Logo of Helmholtz Incubator

Research Software Bootcamp

Helmholtz Federated IT Services (HIFIS) and Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) jointly offer a Research Software Bootcamp in three parts. RSE Bootcamp Part 1: Python will take place 3.5.-5.5.2023, but is nearly fully booked. However, you may check for any last minute open seats.

Part 2 and 3 will take place in June and July, so watch out for them!


Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz
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