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July 2022

Dear HIFIS Community and Friends,

here it is, the first newsletter of HIFIS — Helmholtz Federated IT Services! Some may ask, why so late, HIFIS has been around for quite a while? Well, the HIFIS team initially focused on building great services for science.
Now we have reached a milestone that makes us proud: we have registered an incredible 10,000 users of our services in the Helmholtz AAI by July 2022, including over 1,000 partners from other institutes and universities!
We will now report regularly on news from the HIFIS world and Sam, a young scientist somewhere in Helmholtz, will join us and hopefully give us interesting insights into practical use cases.

Enjoy reading and using HIFIS, the HIFIS Team!
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Sam's Story
Community Use Cases
News from HIFIS
News from Education
News from Software
News from the Incubator
Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz
Sam's Story

Hey, I am Sam Scientist. I'll be appearing time and again in the coming newsletters and I'll take you with me into the world of HIFIS. You will hear about the offers that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and use.
Sam Scientist's log in screen at the Helmholtz AAI
Today, let me tell you how I start my new research project with partners from Helmholtz and beyond!
Read more about my quest ...
Community Use Cases

In August 2021, HIFIS started to support PUNCH4NFDI by adapting the Helmholtz AAI to their requirements. Since then, the HIFIS support for PUNCH4NFDI has been growing into providing an initial set of collaborative tools which can be accessed through the AAI.
Read more about this use case ...
We want your Use Case!
You are using some of our HIFIS services in your work and want to tell our community about it? Great, we highly appreciate it, because we want to broaden our use case section! Get in contact with us via You can send us either a draft or information from which we can write up a text. In both cases, this should include

1) a brief description of your project
2) information about which HIFIS services you use and to which purpose
3) contact information (name and mail) to be published alongside the text
ogo Seisbench, a toolbox for machine learning in seismology
Based on dCache, DESY will soon provide mass storage for Helmholtz with the service DESY Storage (HDF) via the Cloud Portal. This was tried and tested with a group of pilot users: They developed SeisBench, a toolbox for machine learning in seismology.
Read more about this use case ...
News from HIFIS

On July 5th and 6th, our 3rd HIFIS Team Meeting took place at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin in Wannsee.
Read more ...
the cheering HIFIS team
garland that says 'everyone can code'
News from Education

HIFIS Education offers workshops to teach basic software engineering skills. They can be found here. You can also subscribe to the calendar.
During the summer, the team concentrates on improving the workshop material to implement planned improvements. At the same time, work is in progress to make the materials available in a central location at In order to implement these changes, there will be no workshops during the summer break. Fortunately, the Incubator Summer Academy (see below) is taking place and the team is preparing for it.

But you should already safe the date for the first course in autumn:
Test Automation with Python takes place 4–5 Oct. 2022, the registration is open 11–25 Sept. 2022.
News from Software

Did you know that Helmholtz is an excellent software forge? Together with the Open Science working group, we conducted a survey in the community and found almost 100 great products from all research areas (see graphic).
More than 20 of these solutions are already featured as Software Spotlights on the HIFIS website with user stories, pictures and videos. They form the basis for the new Helmholtz Software Directory, which is currently being created.
Curious? You have also developed a nice peace of software? Become part of the Helmholtz Software Forum, send us your ideas and join the Software Chat.
pie diagram that shows Software Spotlights by Research Fields, clockwise startingin the left upper corner: Aeronautics & Space 10, Energy: 4, Earth & Environment: 26, Information: 21, Health: 20, Matter: 17
logo Ansible
Ansible is an open source IT automation engine. With this, you can automate processes like provisioning, configuration management, deployment or orchestration of software programs.
The HIFIS Software Technology Team developed so called roles for the management of services like GitLab, Mattermost and the Research Software Directory.
Those are reusable as open source software and can be found in a GitHub repository. Interested Service Providers are more then welcome to reuse them or take active part in the further developement!
News from the Incubator

Register for the Incubator Summer Academy — From Zero to Hero!
Find more information here ...

Helmholtz AI asks for feedback via community survey:
Continue reading ...
logo Helmholtz Inkubator
Data Science Jobs at Helmholtz
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