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Learning Materials


We provide learning materials for all purposes related to software engineering and cloud services usage. See also the overview of workshops provided by HIFIS Software that teach foundational software engineering skills.

Workshop Materials

Our workshop material is available for self-guided learning or as a basis for your own workshops. Its use and reuse is permitted under a Creative Commons License (see the footers on the workshop pages).

If you find issues or would like to contribute, feel free to take a look at the respective repositories.


Topic Materials Repository
Research Software Publication (In preparation) Repository
Container Virtualization in Science (In preparation) Repository
Event Management with Indico Material Repository
Getting started with Markdown Flavours (In preparation) Repository


Topic Materials Repository
First Steps in Python Material Repository
Object-Oriented Programming Material Repository
Data Processing with Pandas Material Repository
Data Visualization with Matplotlib Material Repository
Test Automation (In preparation) Repository

Git and GitLab

Topic Materials Repository
Introduction to Git (In preparation) Repository
Project Management in GitLab (In preparation) Repository
GitLab for Software Development in Teams (In preparation) Repository
Continuous Integration with GitLab CI Material Repository

Further Materials

Not all of our workshop materials are published in a nice fashion (yet). You can find the complete set of materials in the Helmholtz Codebase.

Requesting Workshops

Would you like to have a workshop on a specific topic for your team?

Feel free to contact us.

  • HiRSE Summer of Testing - This is a series of videos focussing on testing in the context of Research Software Engineering.



Comments or Suggestions?

Feel free to contact us.