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Cloud Services

Kickoff for the Integration of the initial Services

Having finished the list of the initial service portfolio, the integration of the services will start. At first, the exact details of each service and its tasks for service integration will be examined. This goes hand in hand with the first integration steps. It will also result in a specific roadmap to be established by the end of the year.

November 2020

Software Services

Integrate the Software Management Platform into the Helmholtz Cloud

The software management platform is planned to be integrated into the Helmholtz Cloud as soon as the technical platform is available. Continuous Integration will be part of the software management platform from the very beginning.

Recipes for a Scalable CI solution

One important element of the software management platform is a solution for continuous integration (CI). Reusable Ansible recipes for a GitLab CI infrastructure will be provided. The Ansible role is developed here.


January 2021

Backbone Services

Set-up of Helmholtz Backbone Connections

First Virtual Private Network (Helmholtz Backbone) connections have been set up and are in productive use.

March 2021

HIFIS Overall

Finish reporting for the first two years of HIFIS

After the ramp-up phase during the first year, the initial Cloud, Backbone and Software Services are expected to be in production by early 2021. We will report on the integration progress and impact of these services, especially with respect to user acceptance and added value for the scientific community.

April 2021

Cloud Services

Start evaluation of further Services

While the integration of the initial service portfolio will continue, the evaluation of further services will start. This process will presumably involve the review of service selection criteria, focusing on service usage and optimal user experience.

December 2021

Cloud Services

Cloud Service Process Manual

The cloud service portfolio process framework will be agreed upon and will be used for the maintenance and further strengthening of the service portfolio.


January 2022

Cloud Services

Review of Initial Cloud Service Portfolio

The initial set of cloud services will be reviewed. The results will enter the annual HIFIS report and further service portfolio maintenance.