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HIFIS Overall

Primary Analysis Results of HIFIS Survey 2021

Data collection and primary analysis of the HIFIS survey 2021 has been finished. First results will be presented in respective meetings (e.g., HIFIS conference, Incubator workshop).

November 2021

Cloud Services

Release of Helmholtz Cloud Portal

The production version of the Helmholtz Cloud Portal will be made available. The new search function and filter options help to find a suitable service. The availability of the service is tested automatically and is visible in the service card. The service description contains all main information such as support, service level and limitations. User comments are welcome in the new free text field and will help to continuously improve the usability of the portal.

Cloud Services

Process Framework for Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio

The Process Framework for Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio is published in version 1.0. It focuses on the explanation of the processes regarding the Service Portfolio Management for Helmholtz Cloud, giving an overview of which processes exist, how they interconnect, which roles are involved in each process and what is included in each process step.

December 2021

Backbone Services

AAI: Deprovisioning information to services

Obtained deprovisioning information shall be provided to services. This requires cooperation with the Service Integration working group of the Cloud Cluster.

Cloud Services

The legal framework describes the necessary coordination and responsibilities so that the Helmholtz Cloud can perform its task for and within the Helmholtz community. It covers the relevant aspects, such as data sovereignty, intended use, GDPR or IT security.

Cloud Services

Pilot-Status for at least one meta service

At least one of the prominent services (such as Nextcloud, Open Stack or Jupyter) or a combination of those is extended to a meta service: the meta service, which is provided by several Helmholtz Centers, is working as a federation or cooperation instead of separated local solutions.

Software Services

Conceptualize Binder / ShinyR Integration into GitLab

Allowing scientists or reviewers to easily interact with computational environments can be considered a key aspect for reproducible and easy-to-use research software. Integrating tools like Binder or ShinyR into the Helmholtz-wide GitLab will allow scientists to easily make their research software product available to others without the need for installing and configuring tools locally. In this milestone, a concept will be elaborated on how this integration may be realized.


January 2022

Cloud Services

Initial Review of Cloud Service Portfolio

The current set of cloud services will be reviewed. The results will enter the annual HIFIS report and further service portfolio maintenance.

Cloud Services

User-specific Service View in Cloud Portal

In Cloud Portal, logged-in users shall be able to have a specific view on the services they are allowed to use, as well as service usage conditions. Also, a user can see and manage their relevant service notifications.
(This work package was postponed from September 2021 to January 2022, as no user-specific information will be available by then.)