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May 2021

Software Services

Evaluation of Helmholtz-wide Research Software Directory (RSD) Prototype

HIFIS Community evaluates the reusability of the Netherlands RSD as RSD for all Helmholtz centers.

June 2021

Software Services

Publish training program for the second half of 2021

The education and training work package publishes the offered training events for the second half of 2021 on </events.html>.

Publish Helmholtz Hacky Hour plans for the second half of 2021

The community work package publishes further details for the Helmholtz Hacky Hour for the second half of 2021 on the events page.

July 2021

Backbone Services

AAI: Deprovisioning information from Helmholtz Identity Providers

Deprovisioning of users will be supported by the Helmholtz AAI. This includes a framework to query deprovisioning information from IdPs to allow automatic deprovisioning in Helmholtz AAI. In case of failure, user shall be contacted to confirm their account manually.

Cloud Services

Usage and Success Monitoring of Helmholtz Cloud Services

The success of the services is essentially reflected in their use and application. From the middle of the year, key figures on the use of the individual services are therefore determined and collected.

Cloud Services

Deprovisioning of users for at least one service and at least one using centre

The automatic deprovisioning of users is documented and technically implemented for at least one service and at least one service using centre.

September 2021

Backbone Services

HIFIS data transfer generally usable for interested centres

The HIFIS data transfer service will be improved such that any combination of interested centres can participate by only needing to install a lightweight client that can manage third party copy.

Backbone Services

AAI: Communication with services

Developed concept and alpha implementation for automated communication with services, for example using Local Agent or via Cloud Portal. This requires cooperation with the Service Integration working group of the Cloud Cluster.

Cloud Services

Postponed services from initial service selection transferred into new onboarding process

Services, that were postponed during the initial service selection, as well as newly applied services were transferred into the onboarding process for new Helmholtz Cloud services.

Cloud Services

User-specific Service View in Cloud Portal

In Cloud Portal (beta), logged-in users shall be able to have a specific view on the services they are allowed to use, as well as service usage conditions.

Software Services

CI as a Service (Pilot)

We consider Continuous Integration (CI) an important aspect in a modern software engineering workflow. Easy-to-use CI resources should be available for all Helmholtz scientists. Beside the Helmholtz-wide GitLab many Helmholtz centers run their own GitLab instances on dedicated infrastructure in their center. In order to bundle resources and enable research software projects to easily use CI for their projects, CI will be offered as a service. In this milestone, we will set up CI as a Service and test it first with few pilot centers, in order to make it available to all Helmholtz communities.

Please note: The milestone was originally set for the end of the second quarter. Due to the underlying compute resources not being available in time, this milestone needed to be rescheduled to the third quarter of 2021.

October 2021

Cloud Services

First Services fully in operation modus

The integration of several services of the initial service portfolio is completed and they can be used according to their description and service level. Therefore, these services immediately become fully integrated services when the contract is signed.

HIFIS Overall

Primary Analysis Results of HIFIS Survey 2021

Data collection and primary analysis of the HIFIS survey 2021 has been finished. First results will be presented in respective meetings (e.g., HIFIS conference, Incubator workshop).

November 2021

Cloud Services

Release of Helmholtz Cloud Portal

The production version of the Helmholtz Cloud Portal will be made available. It mediates the user’s access to all Helmholtz Cloud services and contains the service description, including service level agreements (SLA) and/or commitments (SLC) of the available services. It will include automated testing, redundant deployment, database backups, etc.

Cloud Services

Process Framework for Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio

The Process Framework for Helmholtz Cloud Service Portfolio is released. It describes all processes around the lifecycle of a Helmholtz cloud service.

December 2021

Backbone Services

AAI: Deprovisioning information to services

Obtained deprovisioning information shall be provided to services. This requires cooperation with the Service Integration working group of the Cloud Cluster.

Cloud Services


A cooperation agreement shall define the framework within which the Helmholtz Cloud operates. It covers the relevant aspects of GDPR and IT security.

Cloud Services

Pilot-Status for at least one meta service

At least one of the prominent services (such as Nextcloud, Open Stack or Jupyter) or a combination of those is extended to a meta service: the meta service, which is provided by several Helmholtz Centers, is working as a federation or cooperation instead of separated local solutions.

Software Services

Conceptualize Binder / ShinyR Integration into GitLab

Allowing scientists or reviewers to easily interact with computational environments can be considered a key aspect for reproducible and easy-to-use research software. Integrating tools like Binder or ShinyR into the Helmholtz-wide GitLab will allow scientists to easily make their research software product available to others without the need for installing and configuring tools locally. In this milestone, a concept will be elaborated on how this integration may be realized.


January 2022

Cloud Services

Initial Review of Cloud Service Portfolio

The current set of cloud services will be reviewed. The results will enter the annual HIFIS report and further service portfolio maintenance.