HIFIS in the EGI newsletters

Helmholtz Federated IT Services - Promoting IT based science at all levels, is the title of our article that appeared in the newsletter of our friends from the EGI Federation. In the EGI Newsletters, we give an overview of the new HIFIS platform.


HIFIS Software Helpdesk launched

We are happy to announce the launch of the HIFIS Software Helpdesk - the place where your user requests for HIFIS Software Services are handled by our distributed team.

Guidelines for Video Conferencing

You are the one in charge of making this call a success by means of that everyone is happy with a smooth performance of the call itself and is satisfied with the outcome, preferably actionable results having a practical value. Using a video conferencing tool shall not hamper an effective meeting and should be used to make the virtual get-together as efficient as possible when participants are not at the same place.

Guidelines for Chatting

Whenever you choose and set up a chat system you should as well implement a netiquette and best practices for you and your team members from the start.

Our First Online SWC Workshop

It was supposed to be our first Software Carpentries workshop at the HZDR. We were in full swing organizing a live event until it became clear that we would have to move online. Challenge accepted!

S/MIME Signing Git Commits

Git is cryptographically secure, but it is not foolproof. To verify that work taken from the internet is from a trusted source, Git provides a way to sign and verify work using X509 certificates. This guide will show you how to setup signing of Git commits for the operating system of your choice.