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All Helmholtz Centres have now joined the AAI


Helmholtz AAI

All Helmholtz Centres now use the Helmholtz AAI

Time to celebrate: With the last two centres having joined recently, all 18 Helmholtz Centres and the Head Office are now using the Helmholtz-wide Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure, the Helmholtz AAI! This is a huge step towards providing IT services in the Helmholtz Cloud for all employees within the Helmholtz Association under the same conditions. Until recently, the users from certain centres had to login via external providers (e.g. ORCID) and needed to be added manually to collaboration groups to clear access rights equal to other Helmholtz users.

External users are very welcome

Users from outside the Helmholtz Centres are very welcome to check the services from the Helmholtz Cloud Portal. They can log into the AAI with their own institution’s credentials, or alternatively with an ORCID, Github, or Google account. External users can directly access only a subset of the Helmholtz Cloud services, or can be invited by Helmholtz collaboration groups to gain full access. To provide a smooth start for everybody, we have set up an illustrated tutorial on AAI login.

Questions? Comments? Proposals?

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