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Service Integration - Local Agent


Note that this documentation is outdated.

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This document is a basic description of the design of the proposed Local Agent within HIFIS. The Local Agent is a deployable piece of software which acts as a mediator between the technical platform and the service.

Proposed Functionality

In the project HIFIS different kind of services will be connected to the central technical platform. While the technical platform itself will be available on the internet and will provide a well described ReST API, at least some of the services will be situated in an internal network, giving only access to the necessary ports for the user. In this case, there has to be some kind of proxy which acts as mediator between the technical platform and the service/service provider.

The main tasks of the local agent will be the handling of accounts and the functionality to provide monitoring/reporting functionality to the technical platform or other future components of HIFIS.

Functionality in Detail

Workflow Overviews for User Provisioning

Account Handling

In addition to be able to authenticate using the Helmholtz AAI a user will need to have an account for a specific service, providing her/him the actual functionality. While some service types will be able to create that account upon the first login of the user, other services will need to get additional information either from the technical platform or from the Helmholtz AAI. If the service can be extended in order to handle these communications on its own, then there is no need to add another component to the system. If however, the service is unable to communicate directly with the technical platform and/or the Helmholtz AAI, an instance of the proposed local agent can bridge between these components.

Next to the helper functionality towards the service, the local agent is meant to provide information towards the technical platform about the status of the user account.

Project Handling



The technical platform needs to know the current status of the service (up/down). Since the participating Helmholtz centers will probably not want to expose their monitoring system to the platform and since there will be a multitude of different monitoring systems in use, the technical platform needs to rely on a unified API for this purpose. In addition to that information about planned downtimes will be interesting for the technical platform in order to inform the users of the respective services about them.


Also in the future, HIFIS will need information concerning the use of the services provided for the Helmholtz community. The details about the metrics required for the reporting still have to be described, but these informations also have to be available to a system external to the service provider. For this purpose, the local agent can provide the necessary functionality either from information fed into into or by acting as a proxy to internal systems.



Technical Details

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Document History

Current Version: 0.1

Current Version Date: 2020-08-03

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