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Pilot Services

Pilot Services

The full initial set of Helmholtz Cloud Services (which are also connected to the Helmholtz AAI) has been defined in fall 2020. The will be fully integrated in 2021, see also HIFIS Roadmap.

A subset of of these services has been connected to the Helmholtz AAI and is available as pilot services:

Associated Services

Further associated services are available. These are preliminarily connected to the Helmholtz AAI and can be accessed for pilot use, but they are not included in the Helmholtz Cloud Service Onboarding process.

  • CodiMD markdown writing and sharing platform, provided by DESY
  • Gitlab DevOps lifecycle tool, provided by DESY
  • SonarQube platform for continuous inspection of code quality at DESY


In some cases, pilot services still need an additional authorization step. In the future this will be covered by common services provided by HIFIS.

Pilot Services Lists of Unity:

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