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Available Cloud Services

Here, the available Cloud Services with connection to the Helmholtz AAI are listed. Depending on maturity and integration status, they separate into Helmholtz Cloud Services and (non-Helmholtz Cloud) Associated Services.

Helmholtz Cloud Services

The full initial set of Helmholtz Cloud Services (which are also connected to the Helmholtz AAI) has been defined end of 2020.

Many of them are being integrated during 2021. See also our HIFIS Roadmap and the list of services in the Service Portfolio Catalogue and Pipeline.

Fully Integrated Services

Fully integrated services, comprising the collection of readily accessible services in the Helmholtz Cloud, are listed in the Helmholtz Cloud Portal at . There you can also find Service Level Commitments, specific usage conditions, helpdesk contacts, etc.

Pilot Services

The following list comprises services that are scheduled to be integrated as full services soon. That is, these services are part of the Service Catalogue Pipeline. For the time being, they are already preliminarily accessible as Pilot Services.


Note that usage conditions and technical details of these services may change without further notice until full integration is completes. Some services yet need manual steps for authentication and/or authorisation.

Associated Services (non Helmholtz Cloud)

More services are connected to the Helmholtz AAI, but do not belong to the Helmholtz Cloud, i.e. they are not included in the Helmholtz Cloud Service Onboarding process. They are referred to as Associated Services. Future application for Service Onboarding is possible and may be initiated by the service provider.

Please note:

No HIFIS support is supplied for Associated Services. HIFIS provides no information on any aspect of these services. Please contact the service provider directly in case you have any questions or usage requests.

Exemplary Associated Services

This is an exemplary list of Associated Services that may be of use for end users. This list is not complete or comprehensive. If you’d like to propose changes, please contact us .

Complete list of technically connected services to Helmholtz AAI

The complete list of connected services to the Helmholtz AAI - without any ordering or rating - can be found at: