Helmholtz AAI#

This is the Helmholtz AAI Webpage, describing all you need to know about joining as a user, a Virtual Organisation (VO), a service or as an identity provider. We describe our goals, technology, organisation and policies.

Some of the contents and documentation have been derived from the predecessor of Helmholtz AAI, the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF) AAI.


The goal of Helmholtz AAI is to enable stakeholders with a Helmholtz background to accomplish several tasks:

  • Enable the participating Helmholtz Centres to provide services to well defined sets of federated users, based on solid authentication and authorisation.
  • Enable Principal Investigators (VO Managers) at Helmholtz Centres to allocate resources on behalf of their group (VO) and to manage the authorisation for the members of their VOs.
  • Enable global researchers to use services provided by Helmholtz Centres - given they are properly authorised and their identity is adequately understood.
  • Be in line with European activities that focus around the European Open Science Cloud EOSC